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The ability to image cells is not new, having gone on for several centuries since the development of microscopy instruments. Fluorescence microscopy and the vast array of available fluorescent probes make cellular imaging more powerful and information-laden than ever.

Microplate readers have been available for several decades, and are standard equipment for many laboratories. Multi-mode microplate readers now expand utility for measurements in fluorescence, luminescence, UV-Vis absorbance and many other modes.

BioTek's Cytation™ Cell Imaging readers combine fluorescence microscopy with conventional multi-mode detection, to uniquely provide both quantitative measurements and cell imaging to obtain the ‘whole cell picture’ in one instrument, in a streamlined workflow.

In An Imaging Primer, we describe BioTek’s innovative systems for digital widefield fluorescence microscopy and multi-mode detection, including:

  • Hardware and software features
  • Image Capture and Storage
  • Image Processing and Analysis
  • Key Applications
  • Best Practices, tips and tricks…and much more

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